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2018-2019 Dance Classes

Preschool Classes

Our preschool classes are designed to introduce basic dance technique, with a focus on developing gross motor skills, musicality, and dance fundamentals in a fun and encouraging environment. Dress code is dancewear (leotard and tights for girls, shorts and a close-fitting T-shirt for boys) and ballet shoes (pink for girls, black for boys.) Hair secured back from face and no dangling jewelry please.

preschool picture

Class Days Times Ages Class Starts Brief Description Learn More
Moving with Mommy/Dancing with Daddy Monday 6:45pm-7:15pm 2-3 09/17/2018 Toddlers are introduced to dance with the help of Mommy or Daddy (or other adult relative). More Information
Pre-School Dance Tuesday 6:45pm-7:15pm 3-4 09/18/2018 Fun introduction to dance using age-appropriate music and props. More Information
Pre-School Ballet Thursday 5:15pm-5:45pm 4-6 09/20/2018 Introduction to ballet for 4- to 6-year-olds More Information
Moving with Mommy/Dancing with Daddy
Pre-School Dance
Pre-School Ballet