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2019-2020 Dance Classes


Pre-Ballet is an introduction to ballet focusing on fundamentals to develop coordination, balance, musicality, strength, and flexibility. Beginning ballet technique and vocabulary are introduced in this class, and students learn introductory barre work. Music used in class is a mix of fun, upbeat children's music and classical ballet music. This class prepares students for Debut Ballet.

This class prepares students for Debut Ballet. This is the appropriate class for beginner 6-year-olds. 6-year-olds with ballet training should register for Debut Ballet. Dress code is dancewear (leotard and tights for girls, shorts and a close-fitting T-shirt for boys) and ballet shoes (pink for girls, black for boys.) Hair secured back from face and no dangling jewelry please.
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Mid-June 2020
$360 if pre-paid by August 31, or ten monthly payments of $40 each (may withdraw with prorated refund at any time.)
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