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2020-2021 Dance Classes

Intro to Tap (age 5-6)

Intro to Tap for 5- and 6-year-olds introduces tap fundamentals such as footwork, technique, rhythm, and terminology in a fun, nurturing environment with a variety of music. Occassionally no music is used and dancers tap "a cappella" (with no musical accompaniment) to better hear and understand the sounds made by various tap steps.

Dress code is dancewear of any type for girls (leotard and tights, unitard, leggings and dance top, etc.) and dancewear or exercise wear for boys (shorts/warm-ups and T-shirt, etc.) No pants that cover the shoes, no hair in face, no dangling jewelry. Shoes required for performances: Tan U-shell buckle tap shoes for girls and black tap oxfords for boys.
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5 to 6
Ms. Jordan
$200 per session
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Intro to Tap (age 5-6)