Our FUN-IN-THE-SUN outdoor dance classes are underway! New students welcome! For class schedule, click on "Student Info" and then "Calendar."

2019-2020 Dance Classes

Move to the Music (Session 3)

A fun, jazz-based dance class that is differentiated for various fitness levels and experience levels. This class is divided into four 8-week sessions to better suit adults' busy schedules. Each eight weeks is a stand-alone session covering different material, so students may register for one, two, three or all four sessions. Different jazz styles and choreography will be covered, such as Fosse jazz, 50's and 60's, Broadway jazz, Rockettes, etc. The theme for the week will be posted in advance on Facebook. Class material will be differentiated for students of various levels from beginner to intermediate.

No specific dress code. Recommendation is any type of dancewear or exercise wear that allows freedom of movement. Any style of jazz shoes (or clean gym shoes) are permitted for class.
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$96 per each 8-week session. The registration fee will be deducted from the cost of tuition, so once the registration fee is paid, the tuition due at the first class of the session is $71.
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