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2018-2019 Dance Classes

Drop-In Classes

While most of our classes are weekly classes that require consistent attendance, we do offer a few “drop-in” classes each week, which are classes that students may “drop in” on rather than committing to a full session of classes (although some students choose to attend for the entire session.) These classes are structured in such a way that each weekly class is a “stand-alone” class, meaning that it does not require prior attendance in order to follow the material taught in that day’s class. The teachers do, however, tailor the material to the students’ various levels and attendance records, differentiating as necessary, so that all students’ needs are met whether it is their first class at CMDC or they have been attending for years. Some of our drop-in classes require prior training; please read the notes for each class for more details.

Drop-in classes may be paid for individually when coming to class or “dance cards” for a certain number of classes may be purchased in advance at a discounted price. Please refer to the notes in the chart below for tuition information. There is no tuition charge for “A Chance to Dance”, our drop-in classes for students with special needs.

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Class Days Times Ages Class Starts Brief Description Learn More
Tap Sampler Drop-In Class Thursday 6:30pm-7:15pm Teens-adults 09/20/2018 Tap sampler drop-in class for intermediate/advanced students More Information
Classical Ballet Drop-In Class Thursday 7:15pm-8:30pm Teens-adults 09/20/2018 Classical ballet drop-in class for intermediate/advanced students More Information
A Chance to Dance (junior) Thursday 7:15pm-7:45pm 6 & up 09/20/2018 Dance class for students ages 6 and older with special needs More Information
A Chance to Dance (senior) Thursday 7:45pm-8:15pm Teens- adults 09/20/2018 Dance class for teens and adults with special needs More Information
Tap Sampler Drop-In Class
Classical Ballet Drop-In Class
A Chance to Dance (junior)
A Chance to Dance (senior)